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How To REALLY Dirty Talk To A Girl

Posted on 08. Aug, 2012 by in Dating Tips For Men

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Dirty talk has the undoubted power to excite. It can actually be much more thrilling than the real thing. The manner in which anticipation builds up will literally drive you insane with the desire.

Many men and women alike enjoy dirty talk. You are probably considering doing it with your girl. You should, however, be very careful. Although it can decide, dirty talking should come with boundaries that are established by both partners.

In order to find out how to dirty talk to a girl, you will simply have to ask her openly about it. I believe that being direct is the best way to get what you want. In addition, she will appreciate your honesty. This strategy is much better than manipulating her into doing it.

I have enjoyed a number of healthy relationships and dirty talk has been an integral part of all of them. Chances are that the girl would like this kind of word play, if she feels and thinks the same way that you do.

Find Out if She Wants to do It

The first step towards successful dirty talk to a girl is finding out whether she really wants it and whether she feels comfortable with it. Many ladies may feel uneasy simply because of their education or because of the fact that society tends to be rather conservative when it comes to erotic displays of affection.

Talk to her about it. Tell her that dirty talk does not have to be anything like the vulgar statements of porn movies. It can be very soft and sensual and it should in fact be precisely what the two of you make out of it.

If she is stubbornly rejecting this opportunity, you should refrain from pushing her. Insisting about it will only get her angry. You can try to make it happen in the future, after the two of you have gotten to know each other better.

Dirty, Not Rude!

Some things are a taboo, even in the realm of dirty talking.

A dirty talk to a girl does not mean disrespecting her or making her feel humiliated. The best way to achieve the goal is setting boundaries in advance. Find out what she feels comfortable with. I think that the best way to reach that conclusion is asking her to talk dirty to you. You will thus understand the style and the expressions that she is comfortable with.

Forget about sexual commands or derogative names. These are inappropriate, regardless of the situation and the lady. Dirty talk can be exciting without becoming vulgar or rude.

Subtle is Always Better

Subtle erotica is the tone and style that most ladies will feel comfortable with. Start out slow and see how she feels about it. You can make adjustments once both of you have gotten used to this novelty in your romantic life.

Instead of using slang names for body parts and sexual activities, you should describe those indirectly. This approach has multiple advantages.

Make Her Fantasy go Wild

The biggest advantage of the subtle approach is that it will make her fantasy go wild. This is precisely the goal that you want to achieve through the dirty talk to a girl.

It is a well known fact that women ‘love with their ears.’ Most girls want to be told how much they are appreciated and adored. Sexual stimulation can also be achieved through talking to a lady. Telling her what you would like to do is the best way to make her await the evening impatiently.

Dirty talk can also involve sexy notes, SMS and e-mail messages. You can stimulate her in a number of ways. And believe me, once she gets used to it, she will be incapable of getting enough. Dirty talk is fun for both partners and it can be the best way to spice up your relationship.

Once again, you should understand that dirty talk is not for everyone. Some ladies will even be unwilling to give it a try. This is ok. There is nothing right or wrong when it comes to romance and sexuality. Everything that the two of you are doing should be happening through the consent of both individuals. Talking dirty to a girl is an art and you will get to be even more creative as time passes. Be open and tell your lady what you want to do. Chances are she will be finding it exciting, as well.

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